jennifer & matt

the olde mill inn

As wedding photographers, we get to witness first hand the many different ways that love can manifest itself between a couple. Jennifer and Matt had planned to see each other prior to the ceremony to do a first look, followed by family and bridal party photos. However, during the course of the morning, the schedule got a little out of line and we ended up doing the first look a little later than planned. As Rich stood with Matt, waiting for Jennifer to arrive, Matt said something very telling about how he cared for his soon-to-be wife. He said, “I hope that Jennifer isn’t upset that the schedule got thrown off. I wish I could just see her and make sure she’s ok.” He wanted to comfort her tell her that it’d be ok, but given the specific moment and what was about to happen, he simply couldn’t do that. It was great to see how they finally reacted to each other once they did see each other.  They were together and that was all the really mattered.

It was great spending the day with Jennifer, Matt, and their friends and family who came from near and far to celebrate with them.