cortney & ryan

clarks landing point pleasant wedding

Whenever we shoot with a wedding couple in a public place there is a certain electricity that can be felt. We’ve noticed it before, but we’ve never been able to really describe it until yesterday when we were walking around Jenkinson’s Boardwalk on Point Pleasant Beach with Cortney and Ryan. The sight of a bride and groom quite simply makes people happy, even if they don’t know the couple. Perhaps it was the same sort of feeling that Ryan had when he first saw Cortney on the first day of school in the 6th grade. As best man, John put it, “Cortney was one of the cutest girls in town. A lot of guys thought so, but she had eyes for Ryan.” They dated throughout middle school, doing the usual middle school things like school dances and trips to the town fair. In high school, they parted ways, exploring new directions in life. For most middle school couples the love story ends there, but not for Cortney and Ryan. Many years later, now college graduates, fate stepped in and a chance meeting at Jenkinson’s rekindled the old flame that had never really burned out. It was an amazing experience to photograph this wedding at Clark’s Landing and to listen to the way their friends and family talked about their relationship and their love.

Congratulations Cortney and Ryan!