jonalen & paul

hoboken engagement

We’ve known Paul for almost 15 years. In our group of friends he is always the practical joker. He is the type of friend that is always trying to bring smiles and make people laugh even if it is at his own expense. That is why it is doubly exciting to see that he has found someone that brings such a big smile to his face. Jonalen is a little more reserved than Paul. She is smart and sophisticated, but she laughs at all of Paul’s jokes (even when they aren’t funny).

When we started talking about engagement session locations, it became pretty clear that Hoboken, NJ would be a great choice. Not only is it a cool place to shoot with tons of little hidden spots, but it also happened to be the location of their first date. It was fun wandering around the city with them hearing about that first date, getting to know them, not just as friends but as a couple in love. We even snapped a few shots on Pier A where they sat on their first date admiring the NYC skyline.