katherine & stephen

crystal plaza wedding

“My brother is a genius and I’m gonna give you 2 examples why. When we were younger, we were on a family road trip. Like most brothers, we were horsing around in the back seat, fighting and arguing. Well my dad said, ‘Whoever touches someone next, is gonna be in big trouble.” Within seconds, Stephen hits himself in the face and yells, “OUCH! Peter!” He actually hit himself to get me in trouble. That is the first example and now, sitting here next to him is the second example of why he’s a genius, his wife, Katharine.” – Peter, Best Man

Even a genius can make mistakes, though. 12 years, 7 months and 12 days ago, an 18-year old Stephen broke up with an 18-year old Katharine.  It was a move he’d regret. Even though they were no longer a couple, Stephen would send Katharine flowers every year on her birthday and eventually they found each other back in love once again. As Katharine’s Maid of Honor, Ellen, put it, “I knew that you two would get married when you first started dating.”

Yesterday was a great day. We joined Katharine and Stephen for their ceremony at the Jacksonville Chapel in Lincoln Park, NJ and then made our way to the Crystal Plaza in Livingston, NJ for an afternoon full of dancing and partying. It was a great start to what what is surely going to be a wonderful life.

Congratulations Kat and Stephen! Enjoy your honeymoon!