shannon & jonathan

doolan’s shore club

As a single mother with a young daughter, Shannon was extremely cautious with anyone that came into her life. When her co-worker suggested that Shannon had to meet a friend of hers, Shannon would always politely decline. Fortunately for Shannon, her co-worker never really took no for an answer, eventually bringing Jon to a company Christmas party with the sole intention of introducing him to Shannon. The plan worked, and Shannon and Jon hit it off.

Their ceremony and reception took place at Doolan’s Shore Club in Spring Lake Heights, NJ. Shannon’s daughter Adrianna, who is just 7 1/2, brought the entire room to tears as she described her happiness and excitement for the day while reading a letter she had written to her mom and Jon. Once the party started, DJ Adam from This Magic Moment got the music going and those tears turned into laughter and celebration as 2 families became one.

Congratulations Shannon, Jon, and Adrianna!