tina & eitan

the estate at florentine gardens wedding

It is no secret that all of New Jersey has had a rough couple of days over the past week. Much of our state was torn apart by Hurricane Sandy when it came ashore last Monday. Most lost electricity, many lost property, and a few lost loved ones. With all of this loss, hurt, and destruction, it can be hard to find some good that has come from this storm, but it is at times like these when we find what is usually most important; our family and friends. Yesterday, we saw this sentiment in action at Tina and Eitan’s wedding.

Tina and Eitan have been planning their wedding day for over a year and half. We’re sure that you can imagine their dismay when they woke up on Tuesday morning not knowing if their wedding would need to be postponed. Tina and Eitan quickly put things into perspective though. They were safe and all of their friends and family were safe as well. Everyone in attendance was thankful to be together, and when it came time to party at the Estate in Florentine Gardens, that is exactly what happened. It was an amazing celebration, and one that really put into perspective what is so important on a wedding day.

Congratulations Tina & Eitan!