prajna & michael

salem cross inn west brookfield wedding

One of the things we love about this job is that we get to see the way our couples mix and intertwine different cultures and traditions to make their own unique versions. It means that everyday is unique and special to that individual couple. Prajna and Michael did exactly that, combining many Nepali traditions from Prajna’s culture with a traditional western style wedding at Salem Cross Inn, a historic New England farm house in Massachusetts. Prajna wore a beautiful, simple white wedding dress, combined with a traditional Nepali shrug that was red; the color of love in Nepali tradition. During the ceremony, Michael presented Prajna with the tilhari, a traditional piece of Nepali jewelry that Prajna’s aunt in Nepal got for her as a gift.

Prajna’s father shared some amazing insight during a toast that he gave at the start of the reception. He told us about sending Prajna off to school in the U.S. and how he had warned to be cautious; that our culture here was not the same as it was in Nepal. When she wrote home and told the family that she had met a boy, again, he warned her to be cautious. But when he finally had the chance to meet Michael and his family, he said that he was no longer concerned about the clashing of two different cultures because he knew that Prajna and Michael would combine to make an even greater culture.

During our initial meeting, Michael’s father stated that Michael is the kind of guy that only has two different states– asleep or running around with his hair on fire. He’s the kind of guy that does everything with excitement. Michael’s father said that Prajna is the only person he’s ever seen that has been able to tame Michael’s wild fire, to control it and harness it into ambition and desire. It truly was an amazing day, witnessing the marriage of two families and two cultures.

Congratulations Prajna & Michael!

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