christine & jahn

short hills hilton wedding

There are hundreds of adages that revolve around the act of marriage, yet they’ve been said so many times that we hardly stop to think about their real meanings and content.

“You should marry your best friend.”
“The couple that plays together, stays together.”
“It’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day!”

Well, here we were on Jahn & Christine’s wedding day and they were all happening right in front of us. The first time you meet Jahn & Christine, you’re immediately struck by how perfect they are together. They both have the same silly sense of humor. They both enjoy and encourage each other to pursue their geeky obsessions. They have so many hobbies that they enjoy together, you almost can’t count them all; golf, shooting, cooking, eating, snowboarding, etc, etc. They truly are best friends and they truly do play together.

As we exited the St. Frances Cabrini church at the end of their wedding ceremony, the skies opened up. It was raining cats and dogs. It seemed that there was no way we’d get any outdoor pictures but when we pulled up to the Reeves-Reed Arboreturm, as luck would have it, the clouds parted ways and the rain drops held back for just a few minutes allowing us to get just enough shots.

It was an incredible day followed by a reception at the Short Hills Hilton with Lifetime Entertainment keeping the party going all night long.

Congratulations Christine & Jahn!

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