megan & nick

philadelphia engagement session

The city of Philadelphia will always hold a special place in the hearts of Megan and Nick. They first met in 2014 while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with mutual friends at the Public House, then officially became a couple in July 2014 at the Pyramid Club. On December 29, Nick proposed to Megan on the balcony of Bar 19, overlooking the city. For their engagement session, we headed back to the city that was the backdrop for so many of the milestones in their relationship.

We spent Monday afternoon wandering the streets of center city Philadelphia with Megan and Nick, reminiscing about the places where they used to hang out and how life has changed since. Nick shared a story about the first day that he and Megan met on St. Patrick’s Day. As the day turned into evening, Megan said she had to head home to make sure that her dog, Yogi, was fed and walked. Nick said he remembered being so jealous and mad, that this amazing woman he’d just met was leaving him to care for her dog. Now that Megan and Nick have been dating a while, Nick and Yogi have become best friends and Megan often finds them snuggled on the couch watching sports together. We all got a good laugh and had some fun with that one.