haley & arron

waterloo village engagement session

Haley and Arron first met when Arron visited the US from England for a summer of coaching soccer. The company that Arron was working for had rented the house next to Haley’s best friend. Arron was immediately interested in the American girl with the curly hair who laughed at all of his puns. Seeing these two together and how much fun they have in each others presence, you realize it must have been especially hard when Arron had to go back to England and they were apart for four months. That separation only brought them closer together though, and Arron made his way back to the US for good.

On Sunday, we joined Haley and Arron at Waterloo Village in Stanhope, NJ for an engagement session. We spent 2 hours with them exploring the old village and buildings, and listening to the plans they have for their wedding in November. We had a great morning with Haley and Arron and we can’t wait to join them on their big day back at Waterloo Village.