kristin & jason

corinthian yacht club wedding

Kristin and Jason decided to meet for coffee one afternoon when an internet dating site matched them up. Despite the website telling them that their profiles were a 99% match, both of them were apprehensive that they’d really hit it off. Low and behold, the website had nailed it and that first date for coffee strung into a 6-hour meeting of conversation and getting to know each other. They realized during the course of that first date that they already had some mutual friends and that they actually both spent summers at their grandparents’ lake houses in the same Canadian community just 9 miles apart.

This past weekend, we joined Kristin and Jason for their wedding celebration at the Corinthian Yacht Club and it was ceremony that incorporated so many of those shared friends, family and experiences from both of their pasts. The ceremony was performed by the close mutual friend that they both shared, and during that ceremony they passed their rings around to all of their guests in attendance for a ring-warming, where everyone gets so say a silent prayer or blessing while holding the rings. They also ventured up to both of those lakes in Canada where they spent time growing up, collecting water in two separate vessels that they combined during the ceremony into one vessel, symbolizing their two separate pasts coming together.

Congratulations, Kristin, Jason, and “best dog” Oliver!

Enjoy your honeymoon in Spain and remember to have “What Phil’s Having”!