joanna & kevin

ryland inn wedding

No matter how much we try to plan out our lives and account for the steps we’re going to take, sometimes life just has a way of happening. You meet someone new, and they change your perception and you move in a different direction. For Joanna and Kevin, both teachers at an elementary school, that’s just what happened. They met as colleagues, teaching children, spending time working school events and the occasional after work happy hour. Those moments turned into a relationship and that relationship turned into a marriage.

This past weekend, we joined Joanna and Kevin on their wedding day at St. Augustine Church (Joanna’s childhood church) and a reception at the Ryland Inn. The ceremony was performed by Father Edmund, who grew up with Joanna and has known her since they were both 5 years old. This knowledge and life experience gave Father Edmund a perspective on Joanna and Kevin’s relationship that is rarely seen and his wedding ceremony was truly thoughtful.

After the ceremony, we headed to the Ryland Inn where Joanna and Kevin were joined by Joanna’s horse, King, for some pictures. It’s the first time we’ve ever photographed a horse or even been this close to one and he was truly magnificent. As we approached, he immediately recognized Joanna and wanted to nuzzle in with her. He also wanted to snack on her bouquet, which we all got a few laughs from. The Benjamins performed for the reception and kept the dance floor hopping, with the night ending with s’mores around the fire pit.

It was an amazing day. Congratulations Joanna & Kevin! Enjoy your honeymoon in Hawaii!