din & brian

roosevelt park proposal

Sometimes even the best laid plans can go wrong and that’s exactly what happened today when Brian proposed to Din…  no, no, no, It’s not what you think, she said “yes!”

We’ve known Brian since he was about 16 years old. We photographed his brother’s proposal and wedding and if you’ve ever heard us talk about the “most epic best man’s speech ever,” it was Brian who gave that speech. So when Brian reached out to us more than a month ago with a plan to propose to his girlfriend, we knew it was going to be something grand. He knew that in order to do it right, he had to do it in a location that really meant something to them. While they have traveled far and wide together, Brian decided to propose at Roosevelt Park in Edison, NJ where they first met at an annual picnic with friends in 2011. He worked up a plan to propose during this year’s picnic, but two days before the big day, it looked like the picnic was going to be rained out.

This morning, the weather forecast changed. The rain was going to blow through sooner than expected and the day was going to be perfect. When we arrived to the park, Brian’s brother was there putting all of the pieces into place, and Din’s best friends were lined up to surprise her. Brian and Din showed up just on time, as a guitarist was playing Din’s favorite Jason Mraz song. Everything went according to plan… and then, Brian took the ring box out of his pocket and realized he had grabbed the wrong box and didn’t have the ring itself! Without wasting anytime, Brian grabbed Din and said, “We’re going home, I’m getting the ring and we’re gonna do it all over again.” That’s the way life goes though isn’t it? You plan for perfection and when things don’t go according to plan, you smile, laugh and try again. And who else can say they proposed twice in one day?!

Congratulations Brian and Din. Let the wedding planning begin!