din & brian

philadelphia engagement session

“I think it’s so romantic… kissing in the rain.” – Din

…and that pretty much sums up Din and Brian’s engagement session in Philadelphia. If you remember Din and Brian’s proposal, you’ll remember that they’re pros at rolling with the punches and taking life’s lemons and making them into lemonade. Just like the day Brian proposed, the weather for their engagement session didn’t look promising. With busy work schedules and lots of wedding planning to get done, days off are hard to come by, but that didn’t phase Din and Brian. We decided to explore Philadelphia and have some fun, no matter the weather.

When Brian and Din first started dating, Din was finishing up college in Philadelphia. They spent many weekends together, exploring the neighborhoods and alleyways, falling in love with each other… and finding out just who really makes the best cheesesteak in Philly (that’d be Dallesandro’s by the way).

We can’t wait to join Din and Brian for their big day in September!